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NAIFA's Congressional Conference

One thousand agents and advisors (60 from Texas!) will be in the nation's capital April 8-9 for the NAIFA Congressional Conference.

Delegates will be in DC to reeducate members of Congress on why the tax treatment of permanent life insurance and annuities is sound public policy that should be continued. Over 500 meetings with congressmen and congressional staffers are expected to take place on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

Click here to visit NAIFA's official Congressional Conference website.

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Congressional Appointments

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Promote the event

There is already considerable buzz about this event. Help us broaden the impact by talking about the event in person and on social media. Below are some sample posts which you may use on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. as is or edit to suit your particular needs.

To your colleagues

  • 100 years ago, NAIFA members were instrumental in ensuring that life insurance benefits would not be subject to the then-new federal income tax. Today, NAIFA continues its advocacy efforts to educate Congress on the importance of life insurance and annuities to the American public.

    As 2013 promises to be a bellwether year for the tax status of life insurance products, NAIFA members will take their message to Capitol Hill in record numbers on April 9. I will be there to meet my Congressman regarding the importance of these products to the families and businesses I serve. Like and share this post if you support our efforts!

  • Share any of the blog articles posted on the NAIFA blog.
  • NAIFA advocates for a positive legislative and regulatory environment which helps keep me in business. I am proud to be a member and will be attending the NAIFA Congressional Conference in Washington, DC April 8-9. Spots are still available - message me if you want to know more!
  • Nearly 1,000 members of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors will be in Washington, DC on April 9 to meet with members of Congress on tax reform. I'll be there... will you? If insurance is your profession, politics is your business!
  • If insurance is your profession, politics is your business! I'll be in DC April 8-9 with 1,000 other agents and advisors for meetings on Capitol Hill. Like this post if you support NAIFA's advocacy efforts!
  • You can also share any of the posts about the Congressional Conference that are on NAIFA-Texas' Facebook page. Tagging yourself in the post (if it is a photo) is another great option!

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To your Congressman

Click here to find which channels of social media your Congressman is on.

  • Looking forward to our mtg Apr 9! Tax reform & its affect on the families I serve is of great importance to me - I'm eager to discuss
  • Eager to meet with my Congressman April 9 when I will be in DC for @NAIFA's Congressional Conference! @__(your Congressman's twitter handle)__

Not Attending? Make an Impact Anyway!

Help broaden the impact of the conference by faxing or emailing a letter of support on Tuesday, April 9 to the office of your Senators and Representative.

You may use the following template as is, or personalize it (for example, consider adding a client story illustrating the power of life insurance following the first sentence of the second paragraph).

Dear Senator/Representative __:

Today, April 9, over 1,000 members of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) – including 60 from Texas – are in Washington, DC to meet with their congressmen. You or a member of your staff is likely visiting with a few of them today. Though I regrettably cannot be there in person, I am writing to show my support.

As a financial advisor, I see every day how life insurance and retirement annuities play an important role in the financial and retirement security of your constituents’ families. As Congress continues to debate approaches to deficit reduction and tax reform, I ask that you oppose any proposals that would make it more expensive or difficult to plan for financial security. I write to ask you to protect the financial and retirement security of the 75 million American families who rely on life insurers’ products for peace of mind, long-term savings, and a guarantee of lifetime income. These families have worked hard and played by the rules, wisely planning for a secure financial future and retirement. In fact, savings in permanent life insurance and annuities represent more than 20 percent of long-term savings in this country—that’s 1 in every 5 dollars saved. These savings are an important safety net for working and retired families.

Policymakers should not make it harder and more expensive to obtain financial and retirement security. Public policy should continue to encourage Americans to save more, plan responsibly, and protect their financial and retirement security-- not change the rules and take away incentives. I thank you for your support on this issue, and please contact me should you have any questions.


Look up the fax number/email address of your representatives here: