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Top News

Texas Legislation Would Save Employers Money, Keep People Insured

A new rating method set to take effect Jan. 1, 2014 will likely result in rate increases of 40-100% for certain employers in Texas. New federal insurance reforms require "Small Employer Group" to be defined as employer groups having 1-100 employees, instead of Texas' current definition of 2-50 employees. "Modified Community Rating" requirements that apply to this group have been shown to result in significant rate increases.

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83rd Texas Legislature: Update from the Capitol

The 83rd Session of the Texas Legislature is in its sixth week, with Senate and House committees meeting regularly and with groups of NAIFA-Texas members reviewing bills of interest to agents.

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NAIFA Members Hold More Than 160 Meetings With Legislators and Staffers on Capitol Hill

More than 150 insurance and financial advisors from around the country concluded NAIFA's annual Political Involvement/Political Action training meeting with visits to congressional offices Tuesday.

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Bruce Murray, Trustee of the Year Awards Go to Deserving Leaders

On the occasion of the NAIFA-Texas Conference and Annual Business Meeting, the association took the time to recognize two outstanding leaders for their service.

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Delegate Council Votes Against By-Laws Amendment, Elects 2013-2014 Board

Delegates at last week's Conference and Annual Business Meeting cast ballots on several important measures affecting the state assocation, including the highly-anticipated vote on a by-laws amendment that, if ratified, would have reduced the number of state trustees from seven to five. Strong points were made for both sides during debate, but ultimately the amendment did not garner the necessary 2/3 majority vote to be accepted.

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Members Take Advocacy Message to State Capitol on Legislative Day

Last Tuesday morning, 130 NAIFA-Texas members, along with colleagues from the Texas Association of Health Underwriters and the Texas Association of Life and Health Insurers, took to the Capitol to meet with legislators and their staff regarding issues of importance to our industry.

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