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NAIFA-Texas' Position on Healthcare

NAIFA-Texas, along with its partners in the Texas Coalition of Health Insurance Agents (TCHIA), is committed to the establishment of a Texas Health Insurance Exchange, or Connector, that operates as a clearinghouse to match consumers with existing public and commercial health plans without establishing a new state bureaucracy.

Additionally, advisors operating within the Exchange are entitled to receive fair compensation, and anyone performing any acts of an agent shall hold a valid Texas insurance license. Consumers shall have the freedom to use the services of a licensed agent, broker, or consultant without penalty.

Health plans within the Exchange shall be subject to the same requirements as those outside the Exchange, shall receive no advantage over plans outside the Exchange, and shall not rely on subsidies or tax advantages to remain viable.

To read TCHIA's core principles in their entirety, click here.

The above statement was issued in 2011 as a message for the 82nd Texas Legislature during which a number of bills were filed to establish a state insurance exchange. NAIFA-Texas OPPOSED passage of the PPACA.